Participating Vendors

Participating Vendors for the Vendor Marketplace

A-1 Quilting Machines


American Sewing Guild - Salt Lake Chapter

Amy's Creative Side

Ann Bright Designs                     


Asia M

Bling My Needles 

Block Party Studios, Corp. 

Cape Fear Enterprises--Sticky Roller


Curated Quilts


Daines Cotton Shops            

Doohikey Designs LLC 

Dragonfly Dyeworks                  

Eclipse Quilter

Emily Taylor Designs

Farrell's Country Stitchin

Fiberworks - Laura Heine                   

Floyd and Lizzies                

G & P Trading     

Global Marketplace

Global Artisans

Grace Company / True Cut

Heather Feather

iLiving Travel Scooter





Iron EZ

Innova / Quilts on the Corner 

Island Quilter                        

Janome America, Inc.   

Jewel's Fabric Stash

Kai Scissors

Kikaboo Creations   

Karlee Porter Design  

La Di Dolls  

Laura Bellas       

Lecien Corporation            

Light Heart Arts 


Martelli Enterprises   

Midway Wool Company ---Vintage Door

Moda Fabrics/United Notions

Moose on the Porch Quilts  

Natural Selection Quilts

Nolting Manufacturing  

Not Just QuiltZ  

Nuttall’s Sewing Centers 

1 Source Publications

Orange Dot Quilts     

Owls Nest Quilters, LLC

PM Quilting & Laser Works Inc.           

The Quilt House, Inc.      

Quilt S’More                                     

The Quilt Store Inc.

The Quilter's Lodge








Quilter's Rule International LLC


Redfern Enterprises Inc.

Ribbon Candy Quilt Company

Rocky Mountain Quilting and Sewing

Sew-Ergo Advantage

Sew Much Hope


Sew Very Smooth LLC                                 

Sew Wonderful Dreams

Simple Simon and Company   

Stitches Quilting

Sue's Sparklers                    

Superior Threads

Swan Amity Studios  

Sweet Red Poppy 

Taspen's Organics                        

Tensisters Handicraft

Teryl Loy Enterprises

Thimbles by TJ Lane, Iowa                                   

Trims on Wheels, Inc.

Tutto Luggage / Mascot Metropolitan, Inc. 

Tweetle Dee Design Co.

Under the Garden Moon

Utah Quilt Guild

Uniquely Crafts LLC

Viking Sewing Gallery

Westenskow & Sons

Winline Textile Products

Zarifa USA--Man Cave