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Instructor Request
UQSM 2020 


What classes are you interested in teaching? What classes have been most successful for you? Where have you taught? We would love to have you come and be an instructor at UQSM 2020. Please fill out the Instructor Class Request form below.


Please email

UQSM is known for having the most talented and qualified instructors. We welcome anyone interested in being an instructor at our show to fill out the forms and offer classes that will be of value and interest to our UQSM attendees.

RETURNING TEACHERS: Please offer new class material for our attendees.

Please read the following information to make sure you understand the requirements needed and expected.

The submission of the instructor request is not a guarantee of an instructor contract.

UQSM reserves the right to select or decline instructor class requests.

UQSM agrees to keep all information you send about instructor classes confidential.


Please collect all of your information and then use our online form below to submit to us


If you prefer to fill out a paper application download it and then...

Click here to upload application - You may upload photographs and bio separately. Click "Send File" after each one.
Instructor Application
Please upload a head shot photo of yourself (Minimum Size: 500 pixels high - (7 inches))
Please upload a photo of your project (Minimum Size: 500 pixels high - (7 inches))

Instructor Application