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Teacher Meet and Greet 

Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM

Location: Front Entrance of the Mountain America Expo Center

We have national and well-renowned instructors from across the country. This is your opportunity to come and meet in person each instructor for UQSM 2018. You can ask questions and see the projects and techniques they will be teaching throughout the week. This evening event is open to the public with no admission fee. 


Awards Ceremony

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Time: 6:30PM-7:30PM

Location: Main Stage located in the Marketplace 

This event will take place after the Marketplace closes. All the Quilt Challenge and Quilt Competition Awards and Ribbons will be presented this evening by their sponsors and the winning quilts will be showcased in the front entrance of the Marketplace. 

                Win a Janome New Home 2030DC



Fashion Shows

Date: Thursday, May 3rd 5:30 PM
          Friday, May 4th 12:00 PM

Location: Main Stage, located in the Marketplace


Thursday will be a Fashion Show sponsored by:

Heather Paulsen of Feathers Flights

Nicole Merritts of Merritts Makes

Tami Peterson of Sew Sophie Lynn

Kimberly Coffin of Sweet Red Poppy

Rachel Robinson of Little Fish Apparel

Vienna Goates of The Late Sew 

"The Handmade Wardrobe Fashion Show" It's been decades since handmade clothing was mainstream, but our six apparel sewing panelists are out to prove that handmade wardrobes are no longer a thing of the past. These ladies have a wide range of styles and have gained their knowledge of garment sewing through different means: some learned as children, some have university degrees in clothing construction, and some are self taught, but they are all extremely passionate about sewing clothing for themselves and their families, and teaching others to sew clothing as well.

 Friday will be a Fashion Show sponsored by Harmony. 

"Harmony" is a unique retail shop inside an historic home in Provo, Utah, owned by Laura Harmon and daughter Rachel.  They specialize in supplying fabric and yarn to local crafters, but they have so much more.  They offer a variety of classes and their store kitchen has sewing machines ready for weekly kid's sewing classes too. We're excited to view their customer creations. 


Booth Hop 

Time and Date: Thursday, May 3rd 10AM-6PM
                          Friday, May 4th 10AM-5:45PM

Location: Marketplace

Booth Hop is similar to a Shop Hop. Obtain a Booth Hop card at the entrance of the show. Visit each participating booth to receive a stamp on each of the squares of the Booth Hop card. Show program floor map identifies all participating booths and their locations. Use the opportunity to learn about wonderful products and services. This activity will also qualify you for the Friday Fest giveaways and prizes on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 6PM to 8PM! 

Once your Booth Hop card is completed, there will be a box at the entrance to drop it off. All cards must be turned in by 5:45PM Friday, May 4, 2018.

*Only one Booth Hop card per paid admission.
Must be 16 or older to participate in the Booth Hop giveaways.

booth hop

Jenny Doan From Missouri Star Quilt

Date: Friday, May 4, 2018

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM

Location: Marketplace 

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company will be at the marketplace for a meet and greet and book signing. . 

Viewers' Choice Award


Time and Date: Thursday, May 3rd 10AM-6PM
                          Friday, May 4th 10AM-5:45PM 

Location: Marketplace 

Over 200 beautifully made quilts have been entered into the quilt competition. These quilts will be judged professionally based on 10 categories. You, as the attendee, have the opportunity to control this one! Please take the time to tour the competition exhibit and select your favorite! Enter your Viewers' Choice vote at the bottom of the Booth Hop Card. Viewers' Choice voting closes at 5:45PM Friday.


Date:  May 4, 2018
Location: Marketplace.

Come joins us as teams come together to battle in a domestic and longarm quilting competition. Each team will showcase their mad skills by expressing their talent through the art of quilting and sewing. For more information visit the Stitching Showdown page.  


 Friday Fest

Date: Friday, May 4, 2018

Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM

Location: Marketplace 

Be sure to join the fun at Friday Fest as we giveaway prizes every 5 minutes or so, starting at 6:00pm. To be eligible you must have completed a "Booth Hop" card and turned it in at the front entrance by 5:45pm Friday night (May 4, 2018).  We will draw cards out, call out a name, describe the prize you've won and thank the donor.  You must be present to win.  If you are not, we will draw another name until we have a winner.  Come party with UQSM Friday night and bring your friends! 

*Must be 16 or older to participate in Friday Fest giveaways.

PFAFF Givaways...

Daylights Giveaways

Accuquilt Giveaway

Shop n' Splurge

Date & Time: May 5th @ 1:00-4:00pm. 

Location: Marketplace
UQSM will have aisles of fabric, notions, patterns, machines and more for sale. However, the last 3 hours of UQSM will feature discounts and specials in some of our vendor booths. We call this event "Shop n'. Splurge.
Check our Show Program for the listing of participating vendors & their Shop n' Splurge deals. 

Lecture Series

Date: Tuesday, May 1st - Saturday, May 5th, 2018

: Various Times 

Location: Classrooms at the South Towne Expo Center

The lecture series is an additional educational classroom opportunity to learn and have fun with national and well renowned designers and instructors who share their stories and ideas about the quilting and sewing world. You will purchase a one-time ticket for $75 plus the class registration fee of $30. You will have access to 10 different Lecture Series classes. When you register for classes you can see the 10 classes available. If you were to register for all these classes it would cost you $260. This is a large savings and a great way to come and enjoy our show and further your education.
You can find these on the classes page under the "Lecture Series" category. 
SIGN up for the Lecture Series Bundle HERE


Spool School

Spool School

Time and Date:Thursday, May 3rd 10AM-6PM 
                         Friday, May 4th 10AM-6PM  
 May5th 10AM-4PM 

Location: Marketplace 

Do you want to learn the art of quilting and sewing? If you are new to sewing and want to know more, this is the perfect place to start. We have beginning sewing classes including, quilting, bags, clothing and embroidery. These classes will be taught by our 2018 UQSM instructors who have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing what they know. The class size is limited to 12 students only.

You can find these on the classes page under the "Spool School" category. *There is no registration fee if you are only signing up for the Spool School classes. You will receive a wrist band at the registration desk to attend your class in the marketplace. 

Spool School Schedule

Live Charity Auction

Time: 11:00AM

Date: Saturday, May 5, 2018

Location: Main Stage

Have you ever wanted to listen to a real cowboy auctioneer? Have you ever wanted to feel the thrill of bidding against others for a quilt? Do you have a the need to help the less fortunate? Then come to our Charity Auction for Sew Much Hope. Quilts can be previewed Thursday and Friday, May 3rd and 4th, in the Marketplace. In 2017 our auction raised over $10,000 and 100% of this money went to Sew Much Hope. The minimum bid starts at $150. You can read all about Sew Much hope here or on their website


Silent Charity Auction

New at the UQSM 2018 show! The silent auction will take place Friday and Saturday, May 4th - 5th.  Bidding will close at 10:30AM on Saturday May 5th. The minimum bid for each quilt is $25. You can place your bid in the Marketplace or call a phone number that will be announced soon. The photos of the quilts can be viewed on-line on the opening day of the Marketplace, Thursday, May 3rd at 10:00AM. The ADORNit Fabric Challenge and the Stitching Show Down Challenge Quilts will be part of this silent auction. You can read all about Sew Much hope here or on their website 


Time and Date: 2018 - Thursday, May 3rd 10AM-6PM, Friday, May 4th 10AM-8PM  Saturday, May5th 10AM-4PM

Location: Marketplace 

Quilt Exhibits from across the country are making their way to UQSM. You will want to see the exhibits from "HERstory", "National Parks Exhibit", "Van Gogh Exhibit", "Color Quilt Exhibit by Marie Eldredge", "Natalia Bonner", "USDG Art Guild", "That Alpine Quilt Group",  "Kaffe Club", along with many, many other quilts on display.  For complete details, go to our "Special Displays" section!

Special Quilt Exhibits





You studied history. Come and view HERstory. Throughout history women struggled to have a voice and we got it in the USA in 1920, the right to vote. Let’s celebrate the amazing things that women everywhere have accomplished since then. We all have women that we admire who are courageous, intelligent and ground-breakers. This exhibit, by 85 artists from seven countries, includes tributes to women well known to us, as well as those who worked behind the scenes. These quilts celebrate strong women who cracked glass ceilings and those who made discoveries. Women who shook the world by breaking into fields previously reserved for men are commemorated, as are those who were the first to do something before any man. Art quilts honor athletes, authors, artists, aviators and astronauts, business leaders, educators, entertainers, mathematicians, scientists, writers, and world leaders.

Curated by Susanne M. Jones

National Parks Exhibit


This special exhibit displays a collection of quilts that were created to celebrate the 2016 Centennial Anniversary of the National Park Service.  Three quilts are shown for each of the 59 U.S. National Parks.  The quilts feature the landscapes, flora and fauna, from acadia in Maine, to American Samoa, and many points in-between.  Enjoy the wide range of depictions and interpretations from a broad variety of fiber artists.  Some of these artists are members of Quilters Unlimited; other artists reside in other states and countries.  Some are internationally-known, others are novice quilters.  All of the artists who participated in this project enthusiastically share a passion for America's Best Idea: the National Parks. 

Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge



Inspired by the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, this collection of 120 small quilts shows the amazing variety of interpretations of Van Gogh’s masterful paintings. Each quilter here used the exact same fabrics, size, and theme.

Kaffe Faussett Club



Although still on the design wall as a work in progress this Kaffe and Friends quilt, as well as all the class participants quilts, promises to instill wonder in the observer. New techniques are taught each month as well as discussions on color and design. This class will be completed in December of 2017, with a new class and quilt starting in January of 2018. Each maker selects their own fabric, and following the teacher suggestions for the month, completes that monthly section of the quilt. Show and tell the following month takes your breath away. What is shown is creativity at its best. Classes are taught at Elaines quilt shop in Salt Lake City, and My Heritage quilt shop in Ogden, on the second Saturday. Inquiries can be made at both shops.

Featured Artist: Natalia Bonner Exhibit


 Natalia Whiting Bonner has enjoyed piecing quilt tops for more than twenty years. She learned how to quilt on her conventional home machine. She felt good about it, but decided that if she really wanted to take her quilting to the next level, she needed to invest in a longarm machine. In 2007, when she was pregnant with her daughter, she got the crazy idea to quit her job as a dental assistant and become a longarm quilter. Without really knowing what a longarm machine was, she spent a day at a longarm dealer’s shop and walked out after purchasing a Gammill machine. Natalia’s passion for quilting and being creative has grown each day since. Whether it’s working on an intense show quilt or a simple baby quilt, Natalia has become a real quilting addict. Come and enjoy some of her quilts on display at the UQSM 2018 Quilt Exhibit.

Color Quilt Collection by Marie Eldredge



I love color. I love bright colors. But it turns out you can have too much of a good thing. I used a layer cake of bright colors to make 6 1/2 inch half square triangles. The fabrics came together, they should all go together in a quilt, right? Wrong! It was all the same value, all too bright. Well, here I am with all of these beautiful, bright blocks, now what? I sorted all of the red blocks into one pile, orange in another, yellow in still another, etc. Now instead of working on one quilt I am working on a whole bunch of bright happy quilts, except now I am adding some lights and mediums. Next step was coming up with different ways to put half square triangles together and finally the fun of quilting each one.

Utah Surface Design Group



USDG was established in the early 1990's as a venue for Utah fiber enthusiasts, textile artists and teachers to share their passion for surface design.

We love textiles! We dye, print, stamp, weave, stitch, embellish, felt, knit, and much more. We enjoy learning and practicing new techniques, taking as much pleasure in the creative process as the finished product. Everyone who loves textiles is welcome to join the USDG.


The 70273 Project



Between January 1940 and August 1941, Nazis murdered 70,273 disabled people. Jeanne Hewell-Chambers is gathering 70,273 quilt blocks from around the world to commemroate each one of those people.

Drips and Splatters Quilt Exhibit


Quilts On The Wall


What makes this exhibit so exciting is that the theme, Drips and Splatters, can be expressed as the subject of the quilt or as a process or technique used to create the work of art. 

Examples of Drips and Splatters as subject matter are many as they occur everywhere in life. They can be a result of carelessness, as of the coffee sloshing over the side of a cup, sloppy painting, cooking, washing or spilling.  They often occur if one is in a hurry or not paying attention.  They occur in nature:  a little boy jumping through puddles, splashing as he goes, or rain drops falling, or blood splatter.


"Wings" Quilts Exhibit


 Quilts On The Wall


If I had wings, I'd fly up to heaven. 
I'd look down from the clouds, on everything 
then I could find all the things we've been missin'. I would have all the answers, if I had wings.


The textile artist approaches a theme challenge to express their personal style with the emotion attached to the theme.

“Wings” can be etherial such as a structure with which gods, angels, or demons, are provided for the purpose of flying.

Or, the term can be utilitarian and literal: an arm of a human being, especially a baseball player's pitching or throwing arm, a means or instrument of flight, travel, or progress.

Wings are movement...They are winging to the coast or a bird on the wing.

To be under one's wing, under one's protection, care, or patronage comes from the mother bird protecting her young.

Or, maybe the artist will just wing it... improvise.


Snowmen on Parade - Square Corner Quilters



Square Corner Quilters meets at 6:30 on the third Wednesday of each month in the Wasatch Presbyterian Church on the corner of 1700 South and 1700 East.  Our group of about 30 members is open and welcoming to both beginner and experienced quilters.


In 2016, under the direction of officers Denise Smith, Eileen Dwyer, and Connie Howard, we did a group challenge, Snowmen on Parade.  This pattern is from a Utah designer, Amy McClellan of Under the Garden Moon. To date, seven women have completed their quilts.


As the quilts were completed and brought to our Sew and Tell at our meetings we were amazed.  Each of the quilters added their own personal touch to their quilt, changing the order of the rows, using different colors and themes, borders, and quilting.  We are pleased to share these quilts at UQSM.

Not So Yellow Mellow 


 The challenge was to create an art quilt using any subject in yellow. The piece must be at least 50% yellow and read yellow. The full range of values could be used. Use of any greens, yellows, or orange-yellows would be in addition to pure yellow values, not part of the 50%.

4-H Quilt Exhibit



Promoting the art of quilting and sewing while fostering interaction, communication and mentoring between the youth and adults of Utah.

Modern Quilt Guild 



What is Modern?  
by the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild

As quilters, we all use the same medium - fabric, thread, batting - but we all make unique quilts that answer the question "What is Modern?" Our members make everything from traditionally inspired quilts to improv quilts.This exhibit showcases our members' personal outlook on what modern means to them in their quilts.