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  • Class Enrollment requires a one-time Registration Fee of $15.  This fee is required by each student to take any classes.  Your seat in each class will be reserved upon verification of the Registration Fee paid. 

    Registration fee includes:
    Name badge
    3-day admission pass.
    **Machines, cutting stations, & irons are provided in each class room
    In order to get the class registration early bird price, you must register for a minimum of one class. Once you are registered you can continue to register for more classes and not be charged another registration fee. 

    EARLY BIRD Registration Nov 15 - Feb 28   
    • $5 Discount off $15 - USE CODE $5EarlyBird
    Mar 1- April 30 
    • $15 regular price
    After May 1 
    There will be a $10 late fee, registration will be $25 


    All swag can be purchased separate  - bags, water bottles, etc.

    Deadline to register is April 21st, 2019 at midnight MST. After April 21st, you can still register on-line with an additional late fee.

    New This Year! **VIP MEMBER**

    $150 to be a VIP at UQSM 2019 includes the following:

    • class registration
    • name badge
    • tote bag
    • water bottle
    • all the lecture series (*125 Value)
    • includes Jen Kingwell trunk show
    • award ceremony, breakfast and EARLY entrance to the Marketplace on Thursday, May 2
    • VIP lounge entrance for drinks anytime, sit and rest area!

    Please be sure to use the same name, email and phone number when you register.
     Classes may be added at the show, if they are still available with the Late Registration Fee.

    To avoid long lines and the Late Fee, register now!

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Cancellation Policy 

~The one-time registration fee is not refundable or transferable~

UQSM cancellation policy will offer everyone a refund based off both the date they registered along with the proximity of time to May 1st, 2018, the first day of classes. Review the rates below.

**Cancellation Policy is subject to change without notice. The Utah Quilting & Sewing Marketplace team will review situations that are not addressed by our cancellation policy.



Refund Rates

- Within 10 days of registering except after Wednesday, April 11, 2018…100% of class fees paid

- Before Monday, January 1, 2018…75% of class fees paid

- Before Wednesday, February 28, 2018...50% of class fees paid

- Before Thursday April 21, 2018…25% of class fees paid

- No refunds will be issued after April 21, 2018. NO exceptions under any circumstances. 

-Registrations made after Wednesday, April 11, 2018 will not qualify for a refund if canceled after 10 days.

Please remember the dates for refunds and cancellations.

Transferring to a new class:

If an attendee would like to transfer from one class to another there will be a $5 transfer fee. If the class, which the attendee is transferring to, is more than the class transferring from, the attendee will be responsible for the difference in price in addition to the $5 transfer fee.  If the opposite occurs, a refund will be given minus the $5 transfer fee.  The registration date is the earliest date of the transaction - not the date of the transfer.

Refunds at the Show:

Utah Quilting & Sewing Marketplace will not allow any refunds after the cancellation date.  If you are dissatisfied with a class, please email us no later than three hours after the class is finished. You will be contacted about your class experience after the conclusion of the show.

Please contact  with questions regarding cancellations and refunds.  


Explanation of Class Codes

600AP: Easy Henley Placket Neckline
[Class Title]
Emily Thompson
May 3, 130-330p 
[Day and Time] 
[Room Number] 
[Friday Class, AP class category (Apparel)]

Class ID

300's : Wednesday Classes
400's: Thursday Classes
500's: Friday Classes
600's Saturday Classes

Class Category Abbreviations 

Apparel - AP
Business - BS
Domestic - DOM
Handwork - HW
Lecture - LT
Lecture/Demo/Longarm - LDLA
Lecture Series - LTS
Longarm - LA
Painting - P
Pro-Stitcher - PRO
Spool School - SPS
Thread Painting - TP



Pro-Stitcher - PRO

You needn't be an artist to create and digitize beautiful quilting designs using Art & Stitch. If you can use a mouse, you can be a designer! Susan teaches the program in bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces, and in a logical progression.

Cost: $ 157.00
Must take Part 1 (326PRO) in order to take part 2 Part Two will build on your new skills! We'll explore the Magic Circle, Magic Square, and Magic Rays tools, as well as the Creative Fills and Transform Artwork features.

Cost: $ 157.00
Learn how to unlock the super powers of Pro-Stitcher: create multiple point areas, rotate, reposition, resize, crop, align and (super) skew.

Cost: $ 160.00
This class will teach you how to take an ordinary quilt to extra-ordinary. Learn tips and tricks to make your quilting "Pop" by using the tools in the Pro-Stitcher. This class will be using rotate, resize, align and rubber band area to fill blocks and unique spaces.

Cost: $ 125.00
Does it "kill" you to create a border? This class will take the pain out of borders. . You'll learn to transform your design choices to enhance your quilt. Learn how the edge of your quilt can sharpen the look of your quilt. We'll use the Pro-Stitcher tools to add that little extra to bring your borders alive!

Cost: $ 125.00
Are you ready to take your computerized quilting to the next level? This class is for you! You'll learn to audition quilting over a quilt top, right down to the thread color, and know exactly what your quilting will look like before ever taking a stitch.

Cost: $ 62.00
Starting with a basic design, we'll build on it to create stunning quilting by simply adding one more design. Simple designs create great foundations to build on. By layering these basic designs, we'll form new designs that are stunning and original.

Cost: $ 160.00
Make your quilts really pop with crop! In this hands-on class, we'll explore the HQ Pro-Stitcher's variety of tools and methods for cropping. You'll learn to create precise areas to either fill or leave unquilted, how to apply the correct tools for best results, to determine exactly how much overstitching will occur so that you can confidently choose to stitch the edges closed, and, how to achieve a neat and tidy finish when cropping with the edges open.

Cost: $ 162.00
Learn how to create your own custom backgrounds using Pro-Stitcher's extensive library. Students will build a personal library filled with unique backgrounds by combining designs found in Pro-Stitcher.

Cost: $ 160.00
Have you ever wanted to create a whole cloth quilt but been intimidated by where to start? Using Pro-Stitcher, we'll create and save an entire whole cloth quilt using the Pro-Stitcher library and areas.

Cost: $ 160.00
Learn the easiest ways to set up and quilt an edge to edge quilt. We'll cover repeating, advancing, and resuming. also learn how to turn off your machine and sleep at night, knowing you can go right back to quilting in the morning.

Cost: $ 135.00

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